The King’s Avatar,  Manhua Masterpiece to Self-Endangering Anime to Live-Action K Drama Legend!

The King’s Avatar, Manhua Masterpiece to Self-Endangering Anime to Live-Action K Drama Legend!

Posted by Nlitend Theory on 3rd Jan 2021

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The King’s Avatar is a manhua that is an unfinished ongoing masterpiece, converted into a bad anime, finally to make a resurgence to glory as a live-action Korean drama! Fitting that Korean’s would know how to make this manhua comic shine like the superstar it is, being that Esports has reached epic proportions in the last decade there. This manhua is very relevant today because previously, teams didn’t exist for schools. Gaming was not considered a real sport. There was a time when gaming was fringe, and those who gamed were viewed as losers—as were those who read comics or watch anime. Today, the biggest money-making franchises in existence are based on comics and video games. Most people failed to see that the root of creation starts with writing and drawing. Movies and TV shows are simply the results of a novel, book, comic, manga, manhua, or manhwa.

The King's Avatar Ye Xiu Live-Action playing a computer game

The King's Avatar Ye Xiu Live-Action K Drama

The Manhua:

The King’s Avatar is a manhua that successfully manages to bring the idea of being a gaming character to life from the perspective of the reader, as seen through the eyes of the game character and the gamer playing the character. The King’s Avatar is a visually stunning masterpiece with highly detailed character drawings, as well as equipment and technique breakdowns that captivate the reader without feeling tedious and cumbersome to ingest. Transporting readers into the world of competitive PC MMORPG. Following the character Ye Xiu, the number one player of the game Glory, and the team leader of the esports team “Excellent Era,” as he is uprooted from the team lead position and leaves behind the competitive gaming scene.

The King's Avatar Manhua Ye Xiu Killing a boss on the New Server

Reaction to Ye Xiu Killing A Boss on the New Server

The King's Avatar Manhua Ye Xiu Forgot to read the guide

Ye Xiu forgot to read the guide


Ye Xiu starts working at a gaming café and continues to play the game Glory, but on the new server, building a weapon that he originally invented with his best friend. Gathering materials through performing dungeon raids and striking temporary alliances. As he leads teams to set records, all the top guilds try to recruit him, though no one knows who he truly is. The purpose is to return to the competitive scene within one year and regain his spot as number one. Even though this manhua is in black and white, the drawing style is well defined and detailed, leaving the reader with a real sense of movement and pacing. Characters convey the direness or the hilariousness of the situation, and the dialog is pun city!

The King's Avatar Manhua Lord Grim Outfit Comedy

The King's Avatar manhua, Lord Grim Outfit Hilariousness

The King's Avatar Manhua Game Technique Break Down

The King's Avatar, manhua Game Technique Break Down

The Anime:


The first season of The King’s Avatar anime was terrible. It changed the look of the manhuas lead character, Ye Xiu, to have drooping eyes. The anime degraded him from the alpha apex gamer that he was in the manhua. Ye Xiu is depicted as pathetic outside of gaming in the anime, which is just not true to the source. This is a huge gripe of fans when producers get a creative license to make an anime or a live-action show based on the source material and then don’t remain faithful to it. The creators of the anime address many of those issues, starting with the second season, changing the droopy pathetic character of Ye Xiu to being more like the badass we all want him to be. Ye Xiu was previously depicted in the anime just getting dragged through the mud by the company backing the esports team he was on during the transition of handing over team leadership. The company didn’t treat him like that in the manhua. It was the other new gamers who were behaving that way.

The King's Avatar Ye Xiu Manhua picture
The King's Avatar Ye Xiu Anime picture 1

Ye Xiu Manhua vs Anime

The King's Avatar anime poster


The outfit worn by Ye Xiu’s character in the game, Lord Grim, was changed. This was one of the funny things about the manhua. Lord Grim had non-matching, one-off armor that he was using. Despite him looking like a mess, he was doing things that no one else could do, which further emphasizes Ye Xiu’s abilities over everyone else. It’s only later that he gets a good armor set in the manhua. So much of the comedy that is in the source material ends up left out of the anime. The anime completely messes up the Blood Gunner Boss fight, which was so epic in the manhua! The environment was changed, weapons and skills of the boss, character design, even the people involved in the fight and events leading up to it. These original elements combined to make a masterpiece in the manhua, and all they had to do was animate it. The audio is the next major drag that continues through the seasons. The music does not match the vibes and setting of the story. The graphics are enhanced over a typical anime by having 3D effects implemented in CG clothes, lighting, as well as objects here and there, which is fantastic!

The King's Avatar second season Ye Xiu fight on top of water

For those who bothered to suffer through the first season of the anime, it does get better in the second season. Though having had the story elements ruined in the first season means that the anime version of The King’s Avatar is just something to watch for the animated fight scenes.

The Live-Action:

The King's Avatar live-action Su Mucheng below left, and Sun Xiang right

The King's Avatar Su Mucheng Live-Action getting  ready to game
The King's Avatar Sun Xiang Live-Action gaming at a computer

When people are this hot to look at, who cares about a few shortcomings, I say that, but some significant changes are upsetting between the source and the TV version. Ye Xiu's lack of smoking gets a pass because it would give the idea that smoking is cool when it is detrimental to one’s health. It is better to put forth a positive ideology in this respect than to remain faithful to the source. Ye Xiu is treated as an idiot who does not know how to do anything properly when it comes to things outside of the game Glory in the TV series. In the manhua, Ye Xiu is treated with respect and is very competent at handling everything, even fixing issues for the manager Chen Guo. Somehow the producers thought it would be funny to degrade Ye Xiu. It isn’t!

The King's Avatar live-action Tang Rou below with Ye Xiu

The King's Avatar Tang Rou and Ye Xiu Live-Action Picture
The King's Avatar Tang Rou manhua introduction image


Another monumental change is in Tang Rou's character, the best friend of Chen Guo, who is excellent at everything without trying very hard, that is until she encounters Ye Xiu. She learns that she is just a frog in the well when it comes to Glory. After being beaten by him, she immediately wants to continue battling against him and have him become her teacher in the manhua. While in the TV series, she must be convinced to learn from Ye Xiu and tricked into joining the team. They made her character far too arrogant in comparison to the original. As she is presented in the manhua, Tang Rou is ultra-compatible with Ye Xiu as they have a lot of chemistry. Su Mucheng is not a love interest but more like a little sister. A notable difference from the manhua is the Noob Brawler character in the TV series is not using bricks to fight people. However, this aspect was included in the anime and had made the manhua hilarious. There are several more changes from the source material, including battle locations, events, and settings.

The TV series makes up for the digressions with stunning visuals, cool music, and a unique in-game CG perspective that re-creates how the viewer is supposed to be transported in the world as the manhua intended. The acting is excellent, and the story is decent despite being changed. The producers heavily invested in the CG, and it truly pays off! Being in the United States, I would love to have a gaming arena like the one depicted in the South Korean show. The gear is top-notch, featuring a lot of HP Omen products. Each esport team has real-world equipment, and the lighting and designs are specific to them. The esports teams have dorms where they stay and train together. This place is any real gamers wet dream! It's nice to be transported into South Korea and see the architecture and cleanliness of their environment. With 40 episodes to relish in, this format has the most content to devour, and it's worth the journey.

The King's Avatar Su Mucheng Live-Action giving the thumbs up

The King's Avatar live-action K Drama Su Mucheng

The Hopes and Dreams of Fans:

The King's Avatar Team Happy Live-Action Gaming Picture

We delve into comics, manga, anime, TV shows, and movies to live life vicariously through the happenings of another. To gain different perspectives and motivate us to keep striving to be the best version of ourselves. Manhuas inspire people to be their best selves. The epidemic of role-playing game manhuas are excellent for transporting the person into another world and seeing the grind that most people go through to attain the high level of success they have in life. Inspiring the reader to keep pushing through all the obstacles, no matter how difficult it may seem now. People who are successful in real life went through so much to get where they are. Everyone else only sees the result, not the grind. The dedication required is something we all need reminders of and specifically is something that must be taught to the youth. The King’s Avatar manhua does everything it is supposed to. Take you out of whatever depressive state you are in due to your current circumstances, and transport you into the character of an MC, overcoming all odds to stand at the top. Reinvigorating the reader to go out and face whatever they must.

When people demand a product to be brought into a different medium, it is intended to be an accurate re-creation. If you have a cool character design that people have fallen in love with, don’t change it. There is no reason to change the character or the story when transitioning from written, to comic, to anime or live-action. The fan base is built upon the characters as they were presented. No fan desires to see drastic changes from the source material, such as changing the gender of a character, behavior, or storyline. Please, creators in the future, create adaptations that are closer to the source material!

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