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Craft Wallet F.A.Q. 

Will the cards just fall out of the opening in the aluminum housing if I turn the wallet upside down? What about if I shake it while it’s upside down?

**Answer: The holding mechanism will not allow cards to be released from the aluminum housing unless the release button is pressed. Go ahead and give it a shake. They aren’t going anywhere!


My cards got stuck in the aluminum housing how do I get my cards out?

**Answer: The cards may get stuck do to overloading the housing. In the case of all the cards having raised letters. The release mechanism works smoothly with 4 cards or less. In the case of overloading. Initially, you can try turning the wallet upside down and holding the release button firmly in and shaking the wallet to release the cards. If this fails, then get a pair of tweezers and grab a stuck card while the release button is firmly pressed in and pull the card out. This will then allow the rest of the cards to be removed and reinserted as desired.


Why do my cards want to pop out forcibly when I press the button/how come my cards are slow coming out?

**Answer: The holding mechanism directly influences the release rate of the cards through friction. The same amount of pressure exists in either case. The control factor is how hard the user presses the release button. A harder press results in the cards being released at a faster rate. A softer press results in the cards releasing slowly. The idea behind craft wallet is to be able to adjust to the user preference of the result they would like to have.

***(Note: It is best to keep the opening of aluminum housing card in a upward vertical orientation while pressing the release button to prevent cards from being released onto the floor).


Once I have removed a card from its holding slot within the aluminum housing do I have to keep the cards released, and does it matter which slot I put the card back into?

**Answer: The holding and release mechanism work within the limit of the number of cards from 1-6. Once the cards have been released in their indexed state. You may remove pressure on the release button. The cards will not go anywhere without some exerted force to either pull the cards out of the holder or push them in. It is not necessary to hold down the release button as long as a card is holding the holding mechanism open, in order to push all the remaining cards that you are not about to use back into the aluminum housing. You may insert the cards into whatever order you wish. You do not have to return the card back into where it was seated previously in order for the retaining and release mechanisms to work.


How come the wallet is having trouble retaining 1 card in the aluminum housing?

**Answer: Due to how the internals of the wallet are designed without actual slots or channels (which is what makes it possible to insert the cards wherever you like after removal of a card). The wallet uses other cards to keep the cards orientated within the aluminum housing. The release spring mechanism in the bottom of the wallet has tiers to it. This is what creates the indexing of the cards. An individual card may get the wrong tier orientation or a mixture of tier orientations which is why it is having difficulty being retained by the retaining mechanism. If you wish to carry one card. The one card should be directly against the aluminum housing closest to the side with the leather pocket. The card should be inserted in line with the housing in order to be held securely and released correctly.

***Note: It is best to use the aluminum housing to carry a minimum of two cards for ease of use due to the amount of force necessary to insert as well as the additional step of needing to orientate 1 card by itself).


What if I wanted to pull out all the cards from the aluminum housing, or insert all the cards that I want to use at once?

**Answer: This can be easily accomplished just as you would inserting or removing just one card by depressing the release button fully and inserting the stack of cards at once into the aluminum housing. For releasing; just depress the release button and pull the entire stack of cards out.  

***Note: You may need to remove and insert all the cards at once if experience a slow card release or an issue with the cards not fully seating. Such issues can quickly and easily be resolved at the press of a button and a quick pull of the cards followed by a push of the card stack to fully seat once again).


How come the current model doesn’t have magnets on the leather pocket?

** Answer: Customers found it to be quite tricky to open the wallet with the magnet. Without the magnetic closure, the wallet is easier to access the leather pocket inside. The magnet also tended to want to become unglued due to the addition of cards stretching the leather, so it was decided to remove the magnet inside the leather flap.



Shipping Policy F.A.Q.

What countries do you ship to?

**Answer:  Currently we only ship to the following countries: USA


How long will it take for my order to ship?

**Answer: All orders normally ship within 24 hours of being placed. Shipping time frame begins after order notification is sent to you of the order status updated to order shipped. 


Will tracking information be sent to me once my order ships?

**Answer: Yes a shipment email containing tracking information will be sent to you once the order ships. The tracking link can then be clicked to the current progress of the shipment. 


What carriers do you use?

**Answer: Within the U.S. we ship with USPS, UPS, and FedEx.


Tracking shows as delivered, but I don't have my package?

**Answer: Occasionally a carrier will tag a package as delivered before its been physically dropped off. Please check your mailbox, porch or doorstep neighbor for this missing package. 

If you package hasn't turned up within 3 days after the delivery date shown in your tracking information, please contact us at: 



In case of other questions please contact us at: 


Thank You!

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