JetSurf a Jet Powered Surfboard. No wave? No problem!

JetSurf a Jet Powered Surfboard. No wave? No problem!

Posted by Adapt 2 Go LLC on 16th Mar 2020

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Today we will be looking at JetSurf. A surfboard propelled by a jet engine in the back. No longer do you have to wait for waves to surf, or need an expensive boat pulling you to perform some wake boarding. I mean not only do you have to have the boat but then you have to have another person there to pilot it and make sure that they aren't going to crash you into anything. The JetSurf places the control of where you go and when you go on the water into your hands, what could be better than that?

This is the JetSurf a motorized surfboard. Video by Devin Super Tramp

JetSurf isn't exactly new, they have been around since 2010 with thier launch model, but there are still many who have never seen or heard of it. JetSurf isn't the only company that produces jet powered surfboards but in out opinion they are the best. Currently, JetSurf offers five different petrol powered boards and one electric board. The petrol versions come in models from beginner to intermediate to advanced to racer. These models are broken down into: Sport, Adventure DFI (direct fuel injection), Adventure Plus, Race DFI, and Race Titanium. They all have carbon fiber hulls with similar dimensions on length 70.86 inches, width 23.62 inches and height of 5.9 inches but the designs are different to allow for better aerodynamics and control. The Race DFI and Race Titanium are specifically designed for carving quickly through the water. All possess a fuel capacity of 2.8 liters except for the Adventure Plus which has an additional 3.78 liters of fuel within a can for added travel distance. The Sport and Adventure DFI models are designed to be switchable between goofy and regular rider stance while the rest are meant to operated from a specific stance. The Adventure models have the addition of a rack, they can carry more weight than the other models at 120 kg/264 lbs and the rack carries 5 kg/11 lbs. The rest of the models maximum load is 100 kilograms which is the equivalent of 220 pounds.  

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This is the JetSurf 2020 DFI (digital fuel injection) . Video by JetSurf


The propulsion system for the various models of the JetSurf is comprised of a carbon fiber impeller that produces an axial flow, utilizing a single stage direct drive jet-pump. There are three different engines to look at that cover the 5 different models yet they all run on unleaded 95 octane or higher fuel and utilize synthetic 2 stroke racing oil with a fuel to oil ratio of 1:50. For the Sport model, there is a 2 stroke MSR 50.2 HXT 90CC engine which utilizes a carburetor to supply fuel. Power is rated at 7 kW at 7,250 rpm with a top speed of 31 mph. It doesn't come with a silencer. For the Adventure DFI, Adventure Plus, and Race DFI modes, there is a 2 stroke MSR NG 100 DFI 100CC engine which utilizes a digital fuel injection (for some reason this is listed as carburetor for the Adventure Plus) to supply fuel. Power is rated at 7.2 kW at 7,250 rpm with a top speed of 35 mph. It comes with a silencer. For the Race Titanium model, there is a 2 stroke MSR 100 100cc engine which utilizes digital fuel injection to supply fuel. Power is rated at 11.2 kW at 8,500 rpm with a top speed of 40 mph, so yeah crashing might hurt a bit! Since this version is designed for racing you don't get a warranty for 12 months like you do the others.  

Battery power for the Sport is supplied by a lithium ion 6.6 amp 73 Wh battery which the engine doesn't recharge. There is an accumulator which provides 150 starts or 4 hours of continuous riding. Recharging the battery 45 minutes if done with a car cigarette lighter socket. According to the specs the Adventure DFI, Adventure Plus, Race DFI and Race Titanium models differ from the sport in that they are powered by a lithium ion 9 amp 99 Wh battery that provides 150 starts but is capable of 3 hours of continuous riding without recharging. Which makes us wonder how the Adventure Plus is supposed to achieve 3 hours and 50 minutes of continuous full throttle use if the battery will run out of juice within 3 hours? All of the models except for the Adventure Plus don't have an alternator. While the Sport model utilizes a DC motor for the starter all the other models utilizes a 3 phase brushless starter. All models utilize water cooling through an open loop to cool the engine. The Sport and Race Titanium models weigh 40.78 lbs, the Race DFI weighs 42.99 lbs, the Adventure DFI weighs 44.09 lbs, and the Adventure Plus weighs the most of the group at 49.06 lbs. Quite a bit of heft that one!

Video by JetSurf showing how to charge a JetSurf Board

Video by JetSurf showing the tool Bag that comes with your JetSurf


New to the JetSurf lineup is the Electric model which is a full electric board. The hull is made out of carbon fiber just as all other JetSurf's are. It is powered by a DC engine utilizing air cooling and water cooling. It is equipped with a 60 volt 59 amp 3.1 kWh battery that charges in 2.5 hours, but this allows for a much shorter amount of play time at only 35 minutes compared to the equally pricey Race DFI which gets 50 minutes and can be essentially refueled as fast as you can put gas in it and is ready for play time again. The top speed of the JetSurf Electric is also slower at 31 mph so it will have performance more like the Sport model. The cool thing will be that you won't have the noise of the engine so it will be significantly quieter. This board has removable fins that can be slid on and off which definitely helps with stowing. The dimensions of the JetSurf Electric are the same as the other models and it has a carry weight of 220 pounds while weighing 63.9 pounds. This is by far the heaviest of all the JetSurfs so no wonder its speed and range is so limited. Even the Adventure Plus is 14.84 pounds lighter.


The Sport and Race Titanium models give you a cruising range of 40 minutes with the throttle wide open. The Race DFI gives you a bit more range at 50 minutes. The Adventure DFI gives you considerably more range at 3 hours with the extra fuel canister and the Adventure Plus gives you the most range at 3 hours and 50 minutes with the extra fuel canister. So if your the type who doesn't want to get stranded and wants to head away from the marina/boat house/master boat, then the Adventure series have got you covered, go ahead and have your fun! So we know your wondering by know how much all this fun is going to cost you? Surprise, it will cost you about as much as a basic new car will! The Sport model comes in at $9,900, The Adventure DFI is $11,400, the Adventure Plu the Race DFI as well as the JetSurf Electric will run you $12,900, and finally the Race Titanium will set you back a pretty penny at $14,900. That being said, the JetSurf frees you from having to buy or rent a boat, it frees you from the storage fees of a boat, it will replace your jetski which will run you about the same amount of money and you will not have to trailer it. You can tuck your JetSurf which is only about 71 inches (less than 5 feet long) into your car/truck/SUV/van or put it on the roof rack and get with ease. The only downside is that you won't be sitting on it while you ride. For those who love to surf and wakeboard though that isn't even a problem!

Video by JetSurf showing the components that come with your board, showcasing a 2019 Adventure DFI model.

Who wants to waste time paddling when you could be jetting to where you want to be? Stand up and take life by the cord. JetSurf frees you from the mundane grind and gets you to the pleasure faster! See a wave, catch that wave. No wave, no problem, we'll make our own. Life's about the journey, the journey you make, not simply the journey placed before you. Get a JetSurf and make a journey stop sitting there letting life pass you by!

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