Impressions of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 36

Impressions of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 36

Posted by Nlitend Theory on 3rd Jan 2021

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Spoiler Alert!

I love chapter 36 of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint! The discourse is sublime, and the artwork is astonishing as always! Thank you so much, Redice Studio, for producing this masterpiece.

Gong Pildu

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Gong Pildu Dumbfounded

Is this what it is like to be left dumbfounded?

Kim Dokja's Group

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Kim Dokja's Group relaxing on the stairs

Relaxing on the stairs

Our main character Kim Dokja has managed to make a haven for his group, just chilling on the stairs observing the chaos unfold down the stairs around Gong Pildu. The extorting landlord that we all hate having to face in real life! I mean, this whole scenario about green zones is really about getting access to resources and safe-havens. It is the basic need that we all have, and there is someone out there monopolizing that haven and making the average person pay exorbitant prices to have a decent roof over their head; so infuriating! Then there are the underlying lackeys that serve the mastermind giving grief to everyone and enforcing the rules of this pompous balding, overweight douche that is just sitting back enjoying life with nothing to do until someone forces their hand. They are always just a bunch of despicable creatures that will do whatever without any sense of a moral compass. Therefore, the events of this chapter are so satisfying!


We get to see how mentally broke the character of Lee Jihae is, the high school girl who murdered her friend in the first scenario. She represents how many people are, in that people typically care about those they know and have a use for, while everyone else can be considered fodder. Even if a person speaks up about saving someone else, once their circumstance changes, the person's characteristics can change.

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Lee Jihae maniacally laughing at Gong Pildu

Lee Jihae maniacally laughing at Gong Pildu

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Dokkaebi Manipulation

A Dokkabei


Then we get to see Kim Dokja outwitting the Dokkaebi by playing against its fears. This is the same in real life as needing to outmaneuver a manager or a teacher. These are people who have control over the events and resources at your disposal. As such, we are not supposed to be able to influence them since they are supposed to have the power while you are supposed to be powerless.





Kim Dokja uses his knowledge as the Omniscient Reader to buy resources that will allow him to negotiate with a Constellation. An unheard-of proposal, due to the constellations fears of losing his possession. By going up the food chain to a higher power, we can manipulate the person who may be a co-worker or student through buying influence within the hierarchy. Turning rivals into subordinates and effectively writing our own story instead of only playing within the given confines of the constructed scenario.

Gong Pildu

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Gong Pildu Contract Proposal by Kim Dokja

Kim Dokja's offering

Kim Dokja

Impressions of a dangerous mind


Really if you think about it, even getting sponsorship by the Constellations is a play on what we experience in real life with the sponsorship of athletes and students. The idea could be taken a step further in that people are being sponsored by employers as well. Employers are paying to cover the individuals' expenses and attempt to keep them satisfied, continuing to perform and produce the desired results. The higher a person excels, the better the sponsorship opportunities that may present themselves.

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Sponsorship Limits

Kim Dokja's Group

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Sponsorship of Gong Pildu

Kim Dokja

Even the way the scenario flyer is written with difficulty levels, clear conditions, time frames, rewards, and consequences occur in real life, not just in a game. It can be considered the same as a job or a contract position posting. It is astounding the number of people who are unaware that most of the fiction produced in a game, movie, tv-show, comic, or anime is rooted in reality and just taken out of proportion—adding fantasy elements to it. I say that because often, as I am reading a manga, manhua, or manwha, upon entering the comments section, I will see someone posting that they wish real life is like what they were reading in the comic. Most of the time, what they are referring to is what goes on in real life. We just do not have the game system menu that gives us instant hackability to upgrade ourselves.

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