Craft Wallet 2.0 Black Leather Black Aluminum for Men & Women

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Slightly larger than the credit cards it carries. Craft-Wallet 2.0 leather wallet is a thin and light minimalist wallet that won't intrude on your pocket space the way the standard wallet does. The main compartment is comprised of an aerospace grade aluminum housing that holds up to 6 Credit/Debit/ID cards without raised lettering or 4 Credit/Debit/ID cards with raised lettering, for RFID protection.

Comes with a unique push button card release mechanism that will produce a card index to quickly and easily allow you to select the desired credit or debit card you need. The Aluminum housing is wrapped in leather with a flap that holds a pocket on the inside. The pocket is a non-RFID blocking pocket useful for carrying additional credit card sized cards that do not require RFID protection. Holds up to a maximum of 4 raised lettered cards.

Pair up your Craft-Wallet 2.0 with a multi-card all in one consolidation card and/or money clip of your choice (not included) to cover your cash as well as credit/debit card and ID carrying needs.

Manufacturer offers lifetime warranty. Does not cover improper use; Improper follow-up maintenance; Installation of components, parts, or accessories not compatible with the wallet; Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse or neglect.

    • Made in Portugal
    • Main compartment comprises of RFID blocking aluminum housing carries 1-6 credit cards (maximum of 4 raised letter cards), with the cool feature of a press able button that releases the cards to be indexed for easy identification and use.
    • Aluminum housing is wrapped in leather with a flap that holds a pocket on the inside. Leather Pocket (Non-RFID blocking) carries up to 4 additional raised lettered cards.
    • Slim profile dimensions: 3.78in x 2.64in x 0.33in (Thinner than your cell phone)
    • Housing is made of aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminum, so its very durable and will protect your cards while being light weight. The unit weighs 2oz.

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  • 4
    Totally worth it!

    Posted by Anthony Hohfield on 6th Feb 2020

    I can't believe it took so long for a solution to my wallet problem. There is no reason for a wallet to be so large and take up so much space. I mean not only does it make me a target but its ridiculously uncomfortable. I'm so glad that I came across Craft Wallet. It has totally fixed my issue with wearing a nice pair of slacks.

  • 4
    My husband loves this wallet

    Posted by Ashley Krausnick on 6th Feb 2020

    I wasn't sure what to get my husband for getting that promotion. I knew I needed something unique, and Craft Wallet as it turns out, was it. My husband always like only having the essentials with him, but he always complained about his wallet taking up too much space and taking to long to get the job done. No more complaints out of him!

  • 3
    Would have liked for the wallet to remain closed

    Posted by James McGraw on 6th Feb 2020

    Really nifty idea having the cards index at a press of a button. It adds that something extra that the typical wallet doesn't have, but I would have liked it better if the wallet could have remained closed somehow with the leather pocket, and only open when you want it to. It would have made it a bit easier to use.

  • 5
    Perfect gift for my son

    Posted by Daniel Williams on 6th Feb 2020

    My son thought this wallet was like a magic trick! He couldn't wait to show off what his wallet could do.

  • 5
    A much needed improvement over the standard wallet.

    Posted by Jeremy Myers on 6th Feb 2020

    This wallet is so much better than the standard leather wallet that I used all these years. It makes life so much easier to quickly take care of any transactions I need. Nothing but the essentials.

  • 4
    Exactly what I was looking for!

    Posted by Louis Kline on 6th Feb 2020

    This wallet was exactly what I was looking for! I no longer have to dig through my wallet to find the card that I'm looking for, at the press of a button its right there! Best thing is that it really takes up hardly any space at all compared to my previous wallets.

  • 4
    Fantastic craftsmanship

    Posted by Kevin Byrne on 6th Feb 2020

    Man the fusion of leather and metal is a thing of beauty! The leather is so soft to the touch, but what really takes the cake is the card indexer. Easy in and easy out, it's even fun as a pass time.

  • 4
    My wallet problems are solved

    Posted by Garrett Funick on 6th Feb 2020

    I was so tired of wrestling my wallet into my pants pocket. I mean, it actually tore my pants one day just trying to get the thing out. Craft Wallet's slim design allowed me to fix that issue and just carry cash in a money clip, boom problem solved!

  • 4
    I can finally organize my purse better

    Posted by Linda Hathway on 6th Feb 2020

    This wallet is so much better than carrying one of those oversized wallets in my purse that I can never find what I need when I need it. Trying to wrestle it out. Sure I've limited the options that I can carry but that's why I bought more than one wallet and each of a different color. Its so small and light that I can actually color code my purchasing power.

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